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Lets Talk Digital Smell Technology

Consider yourself in a movie theatre with your family, watching a film starring your favourite actor.

The sound is fantastic, the images are breathtaking but wait for the best part.

Imagine the Hero is fighting with the bad guy and there is a car tyre burning at a distance.And you are able to smell that burning tyre, sitting in the movie theatre.

Doesn't it sound futuristic?

What if I tell you that in the future years, this will be a reality?

"Smell is the primordial sense, more powerful, more primitive, more intimately tied to our memories and emotions than any other. A smell can trigger spiritual, emotional or physical peace and stimulate healing and wellness." Donna Karan

Currently, online encounters do not include aroma; nonetheless, consumers expect our sense of smell to play a significant role in the internet by 2030.

If you could smell the action while viewing a video, it would make the experience more immersive.

Although attempts to include fragrance into films date back to the early 1960s, their inability to gain traction was likely due to a lack of appropriate technology rather than a lack of public interest.

Smell may be sensed, sent, and received via the internet using digital scent technology.The relatively new feature of digital scent in movies or games has been launched to allow users to experience more realistic movie effects. The perfume companies came up with the fundamental notion for this as a way to promote their products.

Digital smell works by continuously feeding odours from vaporising gel pellets into four air streams, one in each corner of the screen. Fans blow these air streams parallel to the screen's surface, and adjusting their strength and direction spreads the aroma to any location on the screen.

We will be able to avoid unpleasant odours at any time, we are anticipating a technology that digitally turns foul odours into pleasant perfumes in our noses.

Are you ready for this adventure?

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