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19 Things only Book Lovers can Relate to

Everyone loves a good story. But when you are hooked by a character's journey and can relate to their struggles and triumphs all while enjoying the beautiful words on the page, it's hard to put your finger on why. It's not just the plot, dialogue or even the perfect mix of emotions that embed themselves into your being; it's something else altogether.

Here are 19 things that you as a book lover can definitely relate to:

1. You can't find your latest read anywhere, but you know where all of your books from four years ago are.

2. Your friends think it's weird that you get excited about something as mundane as a new bookshelf.

3. When somebody asks what you want for your birthday, you always end up saying "Books!"

4. You are genuinely excited to spend your afternoon at a bookstore.

5. You have no idea how many unread books you own because it's too hard to count them all.

6. You like smelling old books.

7. You can’t stop collecting books, even if you have nowhere to put them.

8. You constantly search for an ideal reading spot.

9. Your most valuable assets are your library holdings.

10. You can’t fall asleep without reading, even if it is just a few pages.

11. You care about what's happening with the characters even though it is just paper.

12. You hide your phone while you are reading and yell at anyone who tries to talk to you while you read.

13. You can hear the character's voices in your head.

14. You don't see the point of watching a movie after you have read the book, they always fail to capture what you imagined while reading.

15. Nothing will make you happier than getting a new book as a gift.

16. You have a to-be-read pile.

17. You have a handful of favourite authors who you follow.

18. People mistake you for being a loner.

19. You have upended your bedtime schedule to finish an engrossing book.

Your bookish habits are what make you as unique as you are!

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