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3 reasons why having a pet is beneficial to your mental health

Pets are animals so full of unconditional affection and joy that you can't help but smile when they're around. Here are three ways that pets can bring joy and light into your life, from teaching you to be kinder to yourself and embrace love to helping you become a more well-rounded person.

1. Pets will make you feel less lonely and isolated

While there is limited scientific evidence to indicate that having a pet can help with depression and anxiety, having a pet can make you feel better because you have shared companionship with your furry friend. Their soothing and welcoming appearance will lift the spirits.

2. Pet can decrease stress level

Positive human-animal relationship has a significant effect on one's happiness level. This is due to the fact that having a pet or being in the company of one will raise Oxytocin levels in the brain, which can boost your mood in the short term while also reducing depression and anxiety, though clinical evidence for this is small.

Playing with dog or cat can

also increase your Dopamine and Serotonin levels which helps you feel

more calm, relaxed and tranquil.

3. Pets can improve your Mindfulness

Have you noticed how you feel while petting your dog?

When giving your dog a belly rub?

It's the feeling of being completely absorbed in the present moment, spending time with your pets and not thinking of anything else.

That is the most basic type of mindfulness: being present in the moment and taking a break from the everyday stresses we face.

Mindfulness has been proven to

help improve our well being, manage symptoms related to mental illness

and develop healthy overall perspective on life.

I'm not implying that pets are a miracle cure for mental disorder or chronic illness; they aren't. They are, however, colossal rays of sunlight. There's an explanation why animals are used in inmate recovery services.

They offer a diversion, something to concentrate on, and someone to love because they give people a sense of purpose. That is why I agree that having a pet is beneficial to your mental health.

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