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How I learnt self care from my cat

Self-care isn't always easy to do. The majority of us are overworked, have demanding careers, or are too engrossed in technology to devote time to ourselves. But after seeing my cat, I realised it wasn't so difficult after all.

Cats have always piqued my interest. Even though I enjoy dogs as well, if anyone were to ask me who I prefer. I've always said "I'm a cat person." Why do I prefer cats to dogs? They don't need much preparation, groom themselves, and can be left alone without missing their owners. In a nutshell, they are convenient.

But what do a cat and self-care have in common?

I've spent a lot of time watching cats, and their actions shows that they're the originals when it comes to self-care.

Let me explain this in detail.

Cats are fully immersed in the present moment

I've never seen my cat worried about the future or wondering why I didn't pet her the day before. Pets are fully absorbed in the present moment.

Being Mindful.

Request what you want

Another essential self-care concept is to be specific about what you want and to ask for assistance. This is something that we, as humans, sometimes struggle at.


Meditation is an essential part of every self-care routine, and we have a winner! When your cat is curled up on their favourite corner, nothing says "zen" like it! It relaxes both your mind and body, leaving you in a complete state of relaxation. Look to your cat for fast and simple meditation tips. Close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing, and hum to yourself, or just sit in silence.

Yoga Session

Our cats love a nice stretch even more than we do. Cats still find time and a place to stretch out, whether it's on their cat trees, scratching posts, or any of our favourite furniture. After you've completed your meditation session and put your mind at ease, the next step is to relax your body. A good way to do this is to do some basic stretches and yoga poses.

So,How Do You Engage in Self-Care?

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