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Hustlepost Academy Review- A Course That Taught Me How To earn

You won't believe me if I tell you I did not know who Saloni Srivastava was. I am not kidding, I consider myself a cybernaut millennial who searches “ how to make curd at home ” on Youtube. And yet I was not aware of this power-packed, successful but humbling, easy-to-approach Youtuber.

One of my dear friends once was a stranger I met on the internet who introduced me to Saloni. I remember telling my friend about my struggle to start something new but being clueless about it. My friend shared this youtube link where Saloni explains her new course at Hustlepost Academy. I watched the video and it got me hooked. I enrolled on the course in February 2021. This genuineness in her made me enrol on her course. I knew it is going to help me.

I am the kind of person who believes in self-development. I spend a certain amount each month on things that I know are going to help me achieve my goals. Be it books or online courses, webinars and so on. In this course, a new module is introduced each month. So it was the best fit for me. Currently, I am learning about Digital Products. I found this course to be reasonably priced for the vast content that is being covered in it. And it is not just a course, more about it, keep reading.

I firmly believe

“Only two things change your life;

Either something new comes into your life.

Or something new comes from within.”

Brendon Burchard

I experienced this when Hustlepost Academy came into my life. I started giving at least 2 hours a day to learn from Saloni. The Foundation course helped me to discover that I enjoy writing. Something was keeping me away from publishing my thoughts publicly. The course offers downloadable worksheets which help us dig deeper into what we want and makes us think about what is stopping us.

Once I was done with the Foundation course, I dived into the Instagram module. I was working on my Instagram page at that time. This module helped me understand the nitty-gritty of Instagram.

Then I stumbled upon the Content Writing Module. I was eager to know what this module has to offer. I watched the module in March 2021. If you would notice my first blog post came in the same month last year. In the Content Writing Module, Saloni explained in detail the A To Z of the topic.

After completing the module, I got excited to publish my first-ever blog post. The happiness I got after publishing my post was immeasurable. It was not the best-written article. But I believe one thing is true for everyone is that the only way to succeed is to get started.

I kept publishing my blogs and started searching for clients in May. I got my first client in June. She was also from the HPA community. Working with her gave me the boost to keep moving forward.

Today I write for various Content Writing Agencies. Looking back I feel satisfied with how far I have come.

About HPA

Each course module is recorded in a beautiful setting with Saloni being her charming self. Course topics range from Instagram to Digital Products, ensuring that their primary audience of millennials learns about a new topic each month.

The course also has practical assignments where you have to implement what you learn. I started offering content writing services after taking lessons from HPA. Saloni's course and community helped me a lot in building my website and social media handles from scratch. Honestly, if it wasn't for the course, I would have been still stuck on hiring web developers and finding the perfect platform for my services.

This course is designed to help motivated people who have an idea but don't have the time or drive to start it themselves now get actionable advice from someone who has already done it.

Given the dynamics of online learning, it is common for students to feel distant and isolated during the course. The best part of this course is the Office hour Calls which are conducted every week. Every Monday a schedule is shared in the closed Facebook group where-in all the details of the upcoming calls are mentioned. In case you are unable to attend them live, they have got you covered. You can access the recorded sessions the very next day. Isn't it amazing!

Personalized Feedback

Many questions usually pop up when you begin something new. I had this International Brand approaching me for a Collab. I instantly emailed Saloni regarding her opinion. I got all my queries answered by her within 24 Hours. The level of confidence you get when you know someone has got your back is so encouraging.

Honestly, I never thought going into this course would work out as well as it did for me. When I first signed up and started working on my Hustlepost, I had no clue how to begin something like that online and make money from blogging. What was more shocking was that this program helped take even my hobby, which I always wanted to turn into something bigger, and made it into a full-time profession. Saloni taught me how to take the necessary steps. Step-by-step so that my dream becomes a reality!

HPA has an amazing course and everyone must check that out if they have the urge to start something of their own.

If you are thinking to start your own online business, then the course is absolutely for you. It is designed in such a way that all your questions would be answered through live sessions. You can ask your queries to Saloni personally when you reach a particular block. But if ever she misses out on answering it then there is a nice community of hustlers where you can share and comment on such things and get them answered by fellow hustlers.

The course is a gem. The moment you join it, you will feel the value of your money. Saloni literally takes you by hand and leads you through the modules. Ultimately, it depends on your personal goals and needs and how you judge this course. I would personally recommend it to those who want to change their life for the better.

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