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Jewellery Product Descriptions: Things You Need to Know

Jewellery is an interesting product.

It can be customized, there are many different types, and often it’s related to outfits and personal taste. As a result, writing a great jewellery product description can be quite challenging. With the information in this guide, including my 5 tips for writing for jewellery, you should be well on your way to creating amazing jewellery product descriptions that sell.

According to McKinsey & Company, the online branded jewellery business in Asia is expected to double in size from 6% to 12%.

By 2025, online sales are estimated to account for roughly 18% of all sales, bringing the total value to $79 billion every year.

How many jewellery brands can you find these days on the internet? The number is in the thousands. These figures are continuing to rise as more individuals abandon traditional jewellers in favour of the expanding trend of online shopping.

But the important question is, by simply looking at the jewellery photographs, how can you turn viewers into buyers?

Research studies have found that consumers are likely to make purchases online through online product descriptions.

This is when a well-written jewellery product description comes in handy.

When it comes to product descriptions, your customers expect a certain level of quality. The goal of your product description is much more than just listing your jewellery's features;

it is to increase the likelihood of the sale.

What to consider when writing for jewellery?

Write Accurately: Remember that accuracy is more important than everything else when writing a jewellery product description. Instead of employing adjectives just because they sound nice and pretentious, use the ones that accurately describe your jewellery product.

Emotional and Material connect: Smart shoppers are always looking for the advantages of purchasing a particular item. It is critical, therefore, that online jewellery owners incorporate both emotional and material incentives that will convert possible purchases into certain sales.

Detailed Description: Because customers cannot see the item in person, online jewellers should provide as much information as possible when writing jewellery product descriptions. What kind of stones or beads did you use for your product? Are they rust-proof or scratch-resistant? Give the exact measurements of the product.

Inadequate product descriptions cause sales to be delayed and shoppers to change their minds. Nobody wants to lose a customer.

Authentic Features of the product: A lot of jewellery products have the same look and feel. Emphasize how your product differs from the competition to make a lasting impression.

Hundreds of goods on the internet have the same characteristics and designs. You must emphasize what makes your products distinctive in order to stand out from the crowd. Your potential consumer may only read your description once, and it could be your only opportunity to create an impression.

For instance, you could say, "Every item of jewellery is handcrafted."

With enough experience, your descriptions will function as a magnet for potential buyers, regardless of how unfamiliar they are with your jewellery brand.

5 Tips for writing for jewellery:

  1. Give advice on how to mix and match different accessories.

  2. Maintain a word count of 40 to 100.

  3. Indicate the metal type, gemstone used, and purity scale.

  4. Use fonts that are simple to read.

  5. If it's part of a collection, mention it.

As you can see, writing for jewellery does have its own unique considerations.

Use my guide to inspire your own word-smithy endeavours!

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