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Books that make you want to travel

"We travel initially to lose ourselves and we travel next to find ourselves.

We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers can accommodate." Pico Iyer

Whether it's a book that transports you across the threshold of reality into another world or a more practical travel guide that helps you pack light so you can get by with just 30 Km, everyone loves a good book. Here are some of these bestsellers from your favourite authors, and ones that have been recommended and awarded.

The lure of travel books is more than just a temporary escape to distant lands. From tales of tragic love to mystical Himalayan mountains and mythical Bali islands, the lure of travel can be as all-consuming — and addictive — as any drug.

Travel is one of those things that, once it happens to you, you'll likely never want to live without again. There's something about experiencing a new culture and immersing yourself in another region, place, and way of life that can be—and is—awe-inspiring.

Sometimes when you are in a place that you've never seen before, it's hard to push your own personal experiences into the background. But if you listen to your heart, and let your mind wander, you can often absorb amazing experiences and learn from them.

So if you're in the mood to pick up a book about travel: the following books will have you yearning for more until the very last page.

The Caliph's House is an engaging novel that follows a year in the life of a family who takes a huge risk. We find a world of fierce contrasts as we follow Tahir on his travels around the country, from Tangier to Marrakech to the Sahara, a world that any genuine explorer would be thrilled to call home.

This book is a must-read for anyone new to long-term travel. Rolf spent ten years on the road (including walking across Israel). His book is full of useful observations, amusing quotes, and practical advice. This is a must-read for novices, covering everything from saving to planning to living on the road.

Eric Weiner, a writer and NPR contributor, embarked on a year-long quest to locate the world's happiest spots. On his journey to discover what makes humans happy, he visits Iceland, Qatar, Denmark, India, and Moldova. Despite the fact that he never discovers the secret to happiness, his quest is a fantastic and enjoyable read. It's a nerdy love letter to travelling. The author also includes a mix of practical lessons, anecdotes and travel tips.

"Wild" recounts author Cheryl Strayed's trek hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, which begins in the Mojave Desert and continues through California, Oregon, and Washington state, despite having no prior hiking experience. If you're seeking motivation to get out and explore the nation on your own, this book is for you.

"Less," a Pulitzer Prize winner from 2018, follows Arthur Less on a journey from Paris to Berlin, from a Moroccan ski lodge to a Christian Retreat Center in southern India. This humorous novel addresses the role of the American traveller overseas, making it an excellent pre-travel read.

If you like to travel and read, these are the books you need to add to your list. They'll make you want to pack your bags and head off on an adventure!

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